Armond White Favors Transformers 2 Over Toy Story 3; Battery Acid Over Peanut Butter

Today everyone seems a bit peeved with Armond White of the New York Press for this review he wrote of Toy Story 3 claiming that the film was nothing more than a cheap attempt at consumerism, saying that the fans had basically been duped into believing this movie was worth it.  Unfortunately for Armond White, he is wrong.  He is so wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.  Wrong.  Never mind how he’s ignoring the amount of time, work, and patience it took to get to this point, never mind how good the script is and how much it works to satisfy those who have had faith in Pixar all along, and never mind the fact that it was the perfect cap on a series I’ve been enjoying since I was about seven years old.  Never mind all of that.  As soon as the name Barbie is uttered once, it becomes a colossal advertisement.  The amount that is wrong with that is mind-boggling.

The problem is a lot of what White says in his article doesn’t make any sense.  To say “Transformers 2 already explored the same plot to greater thrill and opulence” has got to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  So, because Transformers 2 had more explosions and shaky-camera syndrome it allowed you to connect with it more on an emotional level?  You see, we all had toys when we were a kid, but unless you lived in a Japanese cartoon I doubt you had a car that turns into a robot.  The fact of the matter is that Transformers 2 does not do anything to service that important theme present in Toy Story about having to accept that things change and that as long as you hold on to the people you care about, those changes won’t be enough to damage you in the long run.  All Transformers 2 is about is a big set of swinging robot nuts.  That’s all.

Frankly, I don’t think Mr. White was really even paying much attention due to him listing Hamm the Piggy Bank as one of the foes the group goes to battle with.  Not really one for attention to detail apparently.  I pretty strongly disagree with everything Armond White thinks, clearly not just about Toy Story but many other things.  The truth is that Toy Story 3 is a thank you to everyone who has been a fan from the beginning and a love-letter to all those kids who have loved Toy Story from the very beginning.  I suppose I needn’t bother taking such a stance against Armond White for his opinions as everyone else seems to be doing that for me.  Of all the many people who have reviewed the film for many different outlets, it seems like Armond is the only one who really just wanted to bash it.  This is kind of reminding me of The Dark Knight and how when one person spoke out against it a flood of backlash ensued.  With Mr. White, however, I feel justified because upon reading his article I continuously thought “But… but you’re wrong.”  Perhaps I’m biased; as I said I’ve been a fan of Toy Story all along and I’m less likely to look for flaws.  But regardless, I saw none.  All I saw was a story that was funny, exciting, and one of the most emotional film experiences I’ve had in a while.

I don’t mean to go off on any tangent, which it seems to be too late for, but just read his review and form your opinion on it.  I, quite honestly, think he’s wrong about just about everything he said, especially comparing any of the film to the God-forsaken Shrek franchise.  Bad form, man, bad form.  Maybe next time he does a review he’ll refrain from calling all the fans saps.  After all, he’s the one that liked Transformers 2.  Oh, and check out the comments left on his article.  Some of them are awesome.

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