Archer – Placebo Effect

Sorry I didn’t have an opportunity to do this last night. I also realized I don’t even have Tweetdeck right now, so this is going to look a lot more like Robot Chicken and The Cape “live blogs” do.


When Archer discovers the chemotherapy drugs he’s been taking for his breast cancer are counterfeit – consisting mainly of sucrose and Zima – he sets out to destroy the criminals behind the scheme. Only this time, it’s personal. And also this time, Archer’s wearing a colorful headscarf and dragging around an IV stand.


  • Why was he speaking Portuguese?
  • “And I advocate its use. As a potential role model I advocate it.” “To combat chemotherapy related nausea? Or for cannibidiol’s clinically proven ability to inhibit cancer cell growth?” “It does that?!” “Yup, and if you need anymore let me know…”
  • ” It means this $80 pill is 100% sucrose…sugar”
  • “So I’ve been treating my breast cancer with sugar pills?!” “Yeah, you didn’t think it was weird your chemo drugs were chewable?” “No, little kids get cancer!”
  • “Well, this is just an educated guess, but…Zima?”
  • “Yeah, basically just candy corn and Zima”
  • “You’re not well, what are you going to do?” “Cry havoc and let slip the hogs of war” “Dogs of war” “Whatever farm animal of war Lana! Shut up!”
  • “I get it, you have a lot of guns” “And a knife, which I’m going to push very slowly into your urethra…if you don’t answer my questions”
  • “Wow, what a pussy. I could barely even keep up he was spilling the beans so fast.” “Well, you threatened to put a knife up his dickhole.”
  • Everyone loves Family Feud
  • This is one of the most ridiculous and hilarious moments on this show. Family Feud rules.
  • “Do I look likeĀ  I need bald guy cream?…I can barely get a comb through this. It’s so thick my barber charges me double.”
  • “Relax Hannity, it wasn’t that long ago that everyone hated the Irish for swarming over here in their potato boats and taking all the jobs.”
  • “My momma told me that all the time” “And look how you turned out”
  • Krieger is a Nazi descendant?
  • Haha, an Irish corned beef store.
  • Deafening payback is a bitch
  • “Go ahead and shoot me. Ain’t nothing in the world can make me talk” “Well, you say that”
  • “I’m sorry darling. I had no idea you were a gay.” “She’s not gay, she just has big hands”
  • Nothing says “rampage” like shoving a grenade in a mans ass
  • “You’re just going to leave him with a grenade stuck up his ass?” “Yes Lana, I’m on a rampage…and kidding, it’s a smoke grenade.”
  • “What? I thought it was a smoke grenade”
  • “Oh man, what have I been doing?” “Chain smoking joints the size of tampons!”
  • “Krieger’s father was a Nazi scientist!” “And JFK’s father was a bootlegger” “That’s like comparing apples to Nazi oranges”
  • “So if you’re going to shoot me” “Don’t worry, I’m going to shoot you”
  • Terms of Enrampagement is a pretty awesome name.
  • “Why don’t you call it Magnum P.U.?”
  • “Wait, I got it, Casablumpkin”

This was one of the best episodes of the season, it ruled.

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