Archer – Bloody Ferlin

I wasn’t able to tweet this when it aired, but I did DVR it and am going to tell you why it was awesome.

Check below for the official synopsis and the rundown. Let me know if you like this format better than the tweets.


Archer must help Gillette save his younger brother from a crooked sheriff in the backwoods of West Virginia.



  • Ray isn’t paralyzed anymore. Well, he never was.
  • Jack McBrayer played Ray’s brother Randy. Michael Rooker played the sheriff where Randy lived.
  • Randy was a pot farmer
  • Archer being sarcastic and making sure people knew it was a theme of the show.
  • Ultimate Bum Shock Fights
  • It took place in a holler
  • Cheryl getting really excited about her job with the hot pokers



  • Archer: “They may have firearm superiority” Lana: “You think?!” Archer: “Lana, for all we know they’re building a Gundam suit with bazookas for hands”
  • Archer: “Wait a minute, how are you walking around on ladders?” Lana: “Because he’s not paralyzed” Ray: “and is that not the stuff of miracles?”
  • Archer: “It’s eerily similar to the plot of White Lightning”
  • Ray: “They all think I’m married to like a woman, so” Lana: “Oh alright, I’ll be your beard” Ray: “What are you? Insane? Hey y’all, here’s my great big old black wife!” Archer: “Lana, come on. You’re, gigantic”
  • Cheryl: “Six Flags over the shitty parts of Chernobyl”
  • Archer: “I’ll drive if you want to hop back there and enter her”
  • Ray: “That is a rooster” Cheryl: “Yeah, like Kenny Roger’s Roosters” Ray: “Roasters!”
  • Randy: “Why do you look so nonplussed?” Archer: “Because I wasn’t sure if you knew what amenable meant, until you followed it up with nonplussed”
  • Ray: “Randy, you may be a racist, homophobic, wife-swapping, drug dealer” Randy: “farmer” Ray: ”but, no one murders my brother”
  • Archer: “What’s happening? Do I have cancer again?” Ray: “You drank too much?” Archer: “That’s a thing?”
  • Ray: “Easy, don’t shoot, I’m coming out” Archer: “Haha, phrasing”
  • Archer: “That’s just great, everyone gets laid in the holler except me.” to chicken: “well, and you I guess, since I ate your husband.”



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