A New Aqualad and Young Justice Animated

What I find most interesting about the new Aqualad is the costume.  Reminiscent of the original’s and still carries enough new features for the new character.  Although to be fair, it’s not a ‘new’ character.  DC doesn’t really make any ‘new’ characters unless they’re Batman villains.  For DC, new characters come from other companies they purchase.  But putting that aside, Brightest Day #4 will debut the new Aqualad, and the only thing it’s making me wonder about is whether or not it can do anything – literally, anything at all – to help get the Teen Titans back on track.

I haven’t been really pleased with the Titans for quite a while.  It started with One Year Later, where the team was broken down to Robin, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Ravager, and Kid Devil.  That was bad enough.  Never mind Superboy being killed off or Kid Flash being aged to become the new Flash, which were both bad ideas as proven by fan outcry, but then you take into account that the team just kept fluctuating.  I can’t even name all the characters that were Teen Titans over the last fifty issues since OYL.  But the first thirty-three issues, all penned by Geoff Johns, maintained at most a team of nine characters, all of which fans loved.  Then they just started screwing with people by having the Titans do what they do best, and that’s get killed.  It’s why we’re getting this Aqualad in the first place, because the original Aqualad, Tempest, died during Blackest Night.

So we’ve been given a new Aqualad, which is fine.  And I suppose I don’t have any real reason to use the new Aqualad to forge an attack against what I see as being wrong with the Teen Titans.  But come on.  What do you think they’re going to do with the character?  Sure, Aquagirl is on the team now, but that’s nothing a good Titan death won’t fix.  I honestly wonder how they manage to have that many statues made in honor of fallen members.  Anyway, the main purpose of this Aqualad is to tie in with the new Young Justice animated series that’s coming out.  Sure, they’ve tinkered around with the team enough to make it ‘screen worthy’ or whatever, but I’m still amazed they’re giving it a cartoon.  And in that, we come full circle to what happened with the Teen Titans: Young Justice.  The reason OYL came out the way it did is because Didio hated Young Justice, and this group of Titans was originally made up of members of YJ.  That’s why Superboy died, that’s why Kid Flash died, and that’s why my interest in TT almost died.  Didio even went out of his way to make a few jokes about how he was getting writers to kill off characters lots of people loved.  Young Justice and the JLI, man.  They just can’t catch a break.

So yeah… what was my point?  Oh yes.  New Aqualad, which I’ve theorized will be headed for the Teen Titans pretty quickly (though I could be wrong, as I often am) and he is coming from the new Young Justice cartoon.  DC continues it’s long history of taking characters from the cartoons and putting them into the books.  Harley Quinn, Batman Beyond, Billy Numerous, and a few more I think.  Okay, I’ve been pretty harsh on DC but it’s only because I love these characters and don’t like to see them messed with in such poor ways.  I still love Teen Titans, despite everything I’ve had problems with.  Hey, how about that cover, huh?  Deadman looks like he’s in trouble.

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