All-Star Superman – Visual Re-telling

I wasn’t a big fan of the animated All-Star Superman movie. I was however, surprised by how much of it you could get from the covers of the comic series. I’m going to go through the covers and tell you what’s happening in the story during that image according to the movie.

Superman goes to the sun to save an expedition, that Lex Luthor has sabotaged, from crashing directly into it. He ends up getting too close to the sun and is poisoned by the solar radiation. It makes him stronger, but it kills his cells by filling them with energy and popping them.

Clark tells Lois he’s Superman, she acts shocked(seriously?). He then takes her to the Fortress of Solitude for her birthday. Lois looks into a room where she sees the model of a woman being pricked by needles. Superman kind of freaks out and he tells her the room is off-limits. She gets all reporter-y and snoops around. She gets a weird idea that he’s kidnapping her to bare his children and grabs a gun that she knows can harm him. She shoots Superman with a kryptonite laser, but after the trip to the sun he is immune to it. Lois then learns that her birthday present is what Superman was keeping secret (and that she was under the affect of a paranoia gas when she got that crazy idea she had).

Superman’s present to Lois was a serum that gives her all of his powers and none of his weaknesses. Its affects will only last for the day though. During that day they run into Samson and Atlas, voiced by Joe DiMaggio and Steve Blum (Did Cliff Bleszinski cast this?). They then challenge Superman for Lois’ affection.

(There is nothing that resembles this in the movie.)

Clark Kent visits Lex Luthor in prison to write a story about him. During the visit an alien(?) that feeds off of energy notices Clark’s energy and destroys parts of the jail trying to consume him. It starts a riot and Clark has to rely on Lex Luthor to help him so he can keep his cover as Superman (even though Superman saves Luthor’s life a couple of times).

(Come back to this after the cover featuring the Kryptonians in yellow suits)

This takes place out of order in the movie, after the Bar-El/Lilo cover. Superman is dealing with his coming death and goes to visit his mother and his adopted father’s grave for the last time.

(There is nothing that resembles this in the movie.)

I think maybe this is supposed to represent Superman’s return trip from bringing the Kryptonian city of Candor to it’s new planet? Otherwise, this isn’t in the movie.

In Superman’s absence (from bringing the Kryptonian city to it’s new world) two Kryptonian astronauts, Bar-El and Lilo, arrive on Earth and decide to take it for themselves. They move into the Fortress of Solitude and disrespect everything dear to Superman. A fight ensues and Superman gets thrown into the moon, breaking it. Bar-El and Lilo’s minerals within their bodies are turning into kryptonite because they flew through the debris of the destroyed planet Krypton. Superman is forced to send them into the phantom zone in order to save their lives.

Superman has the world in his hands? There really isn’t anything that resembles this in the movie.

(Read the next one first)

In the movie this happens after the next cover, but Clark Kent, not wanting to lose the story of a lifetime, is trying to finalize the story of Superman’s (his own) death. Luthor doesn’t care about Kent’s health as he tries to destroy the Daily Planet. Luthor finds out Solaris betrayed him by poisoning the real sun and turning it blue. Clark Kent shoots Luthor with a gravity gun affecting the duration of his powers.

Luthor nerds out about how the world looks to him with Superman’s powers.

Superman is turning into pure energy and says he needs to fly into the sun to save it.

After Superman’s sacrifice, Luthor gives a friend of Superman’s his genetic code to basically “recreate Superman”

The End (now go to the bottom)

As part of his last request before execution, Lex Luthor drinks the same serum that Lois drank to give himself the power of Superman. Luthor made a deal with Solaris to take down Superman once and for all. Superman finds out Robot 7 was hacked by Solaris and gave the serum to Luthor. Solaris kills Superman’s pet sun-eater, so Superman freaks out and destroys Solaris.

End Note:

This was a decent movie. As you can tell from the covers, there was just too much to go over in a 75 minute run-time. It made the whole thing feel rushed, crowded, and it came off with a lack of focus.

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