Aim for the Robot Junk

Sweet Jesus.

In the movie Real Steel, Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer who trains a robot in robot boxing.  Gloves are off now, Hollywood.  We see you are now literally willing to do anything.  I won’t be screwing with you any time soon, because you’ll wind up doing a movie starring the corpse of Bea Arthur.  You’s a crazy mofo Hollywood.  But still I’d like to take a look at this image released for the movie.

Check out Hugh’s robot.  Not only does he look like he’s got one of those ‘stock-and-bond’ thingies scrolling around on his wrist, but he seems to have a number of LED’s all over him.  Because how else would you know he’s a robot, right?  Never mind his seemingly scary-shit face he’s got, or the fact that he’s a giant robot.  I mean, you gotta give us some hints.  Beyond the robot, check out how it’s in an actual boxing ring.  With the ropes and all that.  And seemingly well within kill-range of the crowd in the background.  That’s ballsy.  Normally you’d try to keep them within some force-fields and magnetized locks to keep from the world suddenly going Skynet but apparently the managers just care about seeing some robots beat the bag out of each other regardless of harm that can come to others.  But if one of these robots doesn’t knock the other one’s block off with that little jagged post that jettisons from the neck I’ll be so disappointed.  Just terrible.

I wonder what instructions Hugh Jackman is giving the robot.  “See that?  That’s a robot too.  Your job is to kill only the robot.  No!  That’s a child!”  *Squish*  Oh man, now my anticipations are high.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t have that Million Dollar Baby ending of literally pulling the plug on this murder-machine.

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