A Hero is Chosen


I think I should preface this review by first saying that I am not really the comic book guy here; Andrew is that guy.  I do however like comics and own about 25-30, most of them are from when I was around 10 though.  I’ve been getting more into comic books and graphic novels recently, so I hope to be writing about them again after this review.

Before seeing Green Lantern: First Flight, the recently released straight to DVD/Blu-Ray movie, I didn’t know much about Green Lantern at all.  I actually thought he was a black man like in the Justice League cartoon.  This movie was a perfect introduction for someone like me who had no idea who Hal Jordan was or how he became a Green Lantern.  A Green Lantern named Abin Sur is dying and in a spacecraft entering Earth’s atmosphere.  He lands and tells his ring to find his successor; it brings Hal Jordan back to him.  Abin Sur gives Jordan the ring and then he dies.  Before Jordan can officially become part of the Green Lantern Corp. he must appear before a council of the Guardians, which are an immortal race that founded the Green Lantern Corp, and be approved by them.  The Guardians are very skeptical of a human becoming a Lantern until Sinestro, a character who appears to be the number one Green Lantern, offers to take Jordan under his wing and train him.  From there it goes on to briefly show them in a veteran/rookie cop-like situation that to me was reminiscent of the movie Training Day.


  • At only 77 minutes it was a good amount of time spent on Hal Jordan’s background info (very little) in relation to the total time of the movie.  Within the first five minutes you find out he is Hal Jordan, he’s a pilot, and he seems just a little bit reckless(bad-ass); then he becomes a Green Lantern.
  • Though they don’t explain much of the boring details about Hal Jordan’s daily life that probably wouldn’t have interested many people, they do elaborate on the more important things of the story quite well.  You learn what the Green Lantern Corp. is, who the Guardians are, how the rings get their power, who the villain is, and why he’s dangerous.  That’s all you really need to know, and then comes the action.
  • This seems more violent than most cartoons about superheroes.  It may not be gory, but there’s a pretty messed up death that occurs about halfway through the movie and another character gets tortured to death.  I guess there’s a little more room for that sort of thing when you go straight to DVD.  I don’t doubt that this could be shown on Cartoon Network though, it’s way less violent than Aqua Teen Hunger Force is.
  • I’m not against the violence in this movie in any way, a lot of the fights are great. Instead of the Green Lantern’s showing up and dominating everything, the villains are clever enough to avoid easy capture and force the Lantern’s to get creative to defeat them.
  • The voice cast and voice acting are great. None of the actors sound like they’re ‘phoning it in’ and they are all believable performances.  The cast includes Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SUV fame as Hal Jordan, Tricia Helfer as Boodikka, Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs/Kill Bill as Kilowog, and Kurtwood Smith from Robocop/That 70’s Show as Kanjar Ro.


  • My only gripe is that at 77 minutes, it’s a little on the short side.  Cartoon movies of this nature do tend to usually be about this length though. I just feel like I could have learned more about the supporting cast of character’s without being bored or the movie getting too long.

I’m not sure if this is as much of a treat to longtime Green Lantern fans as it was for someone who didn’t know anything about the story, but I loved it.  I know the only problem I had was the short run-time, but the time was used very well.  There was nothing in the 77 minutes that I felt was unnecessary or could have been left out.  I will definitely be watching this movie again sometime in the near future and can only hope the live-action movie that is supposed to go into production soon will be as good.

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