30 Rock – St Patrick’s Day

The Saint Patrick’s Day episode of 30 Rock, appropriately titled “St. Patrick’s Day”, starts off with a subtle, yet strong joke, before the episode even starts. The head writing credit on the episode: Colleen McGuinness. Fantastic. In the episode, we see Dennis Duffy return, Liz have a meltdown, and another Tracy/Jenna headbutting incident that goes very poorly on live TV as a result of Kenneth no longer being a page.

  • Obviously, we have the writing credit. (colleen mcguinness IMDB pageĀ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1269432/)
  • The second Dennis Duffy enters any episode of 30 Rock, you know you are up for…dare I say…mayhem? I’m more disappointed in that joke than you are. Either way, Dennis seriously ruined Liz’s day for a bit.
  • This is probably more “personal”, but I had fun watching Jack try and deal with the Settlers of Catan meets whatever the hell other games against the writers of TGS. I’ve played a pretty fair amount of Settlers of Catan…
  • Tracy vs Jenna…again. The read/pause/read/pause/read/pause that went on with them both reading “host 1″ lines to feed their egos, and nobody reading host 2’s part. None of that was very entertaining. Kristen Schaal’s “I’m crazy!” interjections that went along with it were okay at best, but it felt pretty dry overall whenever the Tracy/Jenna nonsense was going on.

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