30 Rock – The Shower Principle

In “The Shower Principle” episode of 30 Rock, we see Liz working with her accountant on her taxes and realizing she does the same things-the same way-every year. She uses this info throughout the episode to try and solve problems. Jack is trying to come up with an idea to feel like a man of industry again and mentions “The Shower Principle”, which is something we’ve all dealt with: being fully distracted by something else (such as being in the shower), you often times have your best ideas, and how he needs to figure out how to get his mind right. Jenna is going through a series of bad luck related incidents that she blames on Macbeth (yes, the play) and the parody of it on TGS. Tracy has mo’ money, and thus, mo’ problems.


  • Liz telling Jack about trying meditation to get answers to his problems, which Jack dismisses entirely as an option. He interrupts Liz’s meditation at one point to show her how pointless it is.
  • Tracy needing to immediately go to Alaska to figure out his finances due to appearing in 5nowdog5 (Snow Dogs 5).
  • Jenna becoming more and more paranoid about the “curse”, only to find out that Hazel is behind it the whole time, to take Jenna’s place as Liz’s best friend.
  • Jack finally deciding to meditate to get an answer, to which he commands himself “meditate perfectly!”, which he then does. This scene is particularly funny if you’ve ever talked to anyone that has gone on a meditation retreat. Jack figures out that Kabletown/NBC should make couches, so they control the entire user experience.


  • Jenna’s panicking throughout the episode was more distracting than entertaining.
  • I’d like to see Cerie play some sort of a role other than “I don’t talk I just make Frank and friends stare”. Everyone else goes through some sort of development phases, why not her?


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