30 Rock – “Leap Day”

It’s February 29th and Liz has no idea what anyone is celebrating. She gets attacked for not wearing blue and yellow, meets an old college acquaintance, and gets propositioned for sex with an offer of 20 million dollars. Meanwhile Jack has a bit of a blunder at work and Tracy tries to find a way to spend $50,000 at Benihana before the month ends.


  • This makes me want to wear yellow and blue this coming Wednesday.
  • Thad, the college acquaintance that propositions Liz for sex was fun. He was very heavy on the nerdy pop culture references and had a living Ewok in a display case at his house. Classic.
  • The sub-plot featuring Tracy trying to use a 50K gift card to Benihana was funny and gave us a lot of good lines like: “One day to eat 50 thousand dollars worth of Japanese food” “That’s impossible”. “Everyone’s always telling me not to get paid in gift cards.” and “I am always coughing up blood. Could that be Leap Day William trying to get out?”
  • After a failed business proposal Jack gets sick from eating rhubarb leaves and has “A Christmas Carol” like dream about what his daughter will turn out like (liberal) if he doesn’t stop worrying about his own success and start spending time with her, on leap days.
  • Jim Carrey’s cameo as Leap Dave Williams in the fake film of the same name.



  • We all knew Liz wasn’t going to go through with the Tad thing. It was just wondering how it was going to fall apart.
  • The very last shot of the episode.

“Leap Day” was a very funny and very crazy episode. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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