30 Rock – Grandmentor & Kidnapped by Danger

30 Rock did a double episode this past week, with “Grandmentor” and “Kidnapped by Danger”. Unfortunately, I (accidentally) watched them in reverse order, which did a nice job of causing a bit of spoilers and leaving me wondering what the hell I missed…we have Jack working to try to get Avery back from the North Koreans, and eventually deciding to put together a made for TV movie about Avery, putting Liz in charge of writing it. Kenneth and Hazel are still going toe to toe for attention from Tracy, with Liz seeing it as some sort of feminism battle and trying to mentor Hazel. Jenna works hard to get the role of Avery in the movie and attempts to write a song that can’t be parodied by Weird Al. Avery’s mom shows back up and is caught between two Jacks.


  • Tracy breaking the fourth wall by screaming “This is a show within a show! My real name is Tracy Morgan!” when Kenneth mentioned Tracy going crazy by Hazel allowing Tracy to do things he shouldn’t be doing.
  • Baby Chinese Miners being trapped and saved by golden retriever puppies? How is America supposed to compete with that?
  • Hazel (Kristen Schaal) is really starting to grow into her character. Now that the background of her being absolutely crazy is out of the way, her going head to head with Kenneth is starting to get some legs.
  • Jack, and the actor method acting to be Jack, in the same episode. Real Jack appeared to be bouncing between annoyed and flattered by the fake Jack.
  • Diana (Avery’s mom) initially going after real Jack until Liz (playing “the blocker”) prevents that and gets Diana to pursue fake Jack.
  • Tracy and Jenna working together to attempt to write a song that can’t be parodied by Weird Al, by writing a song that is basically already a Weird Al song.


  • Does ANYONE actually want to see Weird Al consistently have the upper hand? Well, it kept happening…

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