1,000 Opas and a Dead Body

Skullkickers is the story of two fantasy-age mercenaries that in this story arc go by the dwarf and the big guy. Their only interests seem to be money and being anywhere the action is.

In this first story arc the dwarf and the big guy witness the assassination of an important official and in the process of finding his killer/retrieving his body stumble upon something even more pressing.


  • This isn’t a fantastically deep story, but it is VERY fun. It’s very funny and a thoroughly enjoyable read.
  • The art style was awesome too. It was very bright and appealing. It reminded me a lot of the art in Chew. The two artists share a similar and awesome style.
I have nothing bad to say about this trade. It might not be incredibly long. I read it in about 30 minutes while hanging around, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m definitely going to be checking out newer issues of Skullkickers very soon.
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